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Enhancing your team’s capabilities or obtaining new skills to support your team according to growth journey, require delivering a comprehensive training plan. Additionally, as the capacity and capability grow mentoring may become a key factor to disseminate knowledge across your team as well as guiding them in their career paths. Actuate believes that mentoring and right training will help your team to excel, and we help you set up the accurate plan.

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Trainings to Increase Competency

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Mentorship Programme Design

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Each company and even each team has their own competencies, and that is what makes the customers choose your company. To create a sustainable model, these competencies must be reflected to the business in such a way that it will become an asset for the company. Achieving this depends on being updated about these unique competencies; hence trainings become crucial to be sustainable. We offer several trainings to update and upgrade your team’s unique capabilities and competency to develop competitive advantage.

Trainings provide a unique way to provide information to teams. But using that information on daily operations requires multiple repetitions, a balance in decision-making processes and willingness to act when needed. Although using these abilities successfully heavily depends on human character, it is possible to enhance capabilities by delivering mentorship. Contrary to popular belief, mentorship is a different process than consultancy and it requires a balance between social and technical capacity while delivering. Mentor needs to guide the mentee to brighten its capabilities, not direct them in their end destination. Having successful mentors in or network, Actuate believes mentoring is an important key to enhance team capabilities with mentoring.

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