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To grow and sustain the success, a strategy based on productization is crucial. But developing a strategy is always tricky since there are so many variables to consider. And building your products accordingly is never easy since market dynamics always change. Actuate helps its customer to develop a strategic plan for their products and keep them on the road while applying the strategy.

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Product & Strategy Consultancy for

Start-ups, SMEs and LEs


Regardless of the size of the company, strategy is the backbone for the sustainable success. Usually, a successful strategy is dependent on the ability to transform R&D processes to sustainable products. Although it can be easily pointed out, it is seldom that easy to put it into action. Companies have different obstacles to overcome in their lifecycles. For example, a start-up needs to base its operations on the success on productization of an idea, whereas an SME needs to compartmentalize its priorities between survival and growth; and large enterprises struggle with sustainable business operations that also results in desirable cash flow. We understand these processes needs to be customized and tackled; and prepare solutions for your businesses that are structured around  our vast background experience with product strategy with a hint of customization according to your businesses needs.

Preparing for Investment


Investment strategy is one of the key steps for growth. Whether it is a direct investment to the company, of creating a spin-off to get an investment, companies need to prepare their accumulated experience in a presentable way to attract right investors. We aid companies to prepare their businesses for an investment period from scratch,  strategically plan their routes and help them to get the best of their business transactions.

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