About Us


Actuate's target benefit is to follow the achievable goals and outputs by adhering to the process.


Actuate is a group of companies that aims to accelerate growth by transforming ideas into innovative products and services, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. The company, which has been close to entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs since the day it was founded, aims to assist institutions with an organic support mechanism in the process of realizing business ideas, productization and commercialization. In principle, Actuate designs the support mechanisms for institutions as mechanisms that complement the strategies of the institutions and work in a holistic manner with the processes, tailored to the needs of the institution. In this way, it is possible to get successful results for institutions of different structures and sizes. In addition to this approach, Actuate's other source of value is the mentor pool it creates. This pool, which has been created in a structure to provide end-to-end support that may be needed in the development and productization of a business idea, consists of expert and experienced consultants in marketing, finance, product development, etc. Acutate uses this approach and experience by blending it in the support process of the institutions it evaluates in the process.