Collaboration is an important step to extend your network while growing. It is one of the purest forms of founding a partnership; each party may get to know one another by working on a project together. In Actuate, we help you to initiate connections that can benefit your business according to your strategy.

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We believe that strong connections and collaborations bring success. It is possible to flourish what you do the best by collaborating with other to develop cross selling opportunities and additional features for your products. It will also build extra impact to extend the network to international partners, so that it may bring out different pathways for different cultures. We help you achieve this extra impact by first assessing your specific needs and then matching you with the best suitable company or project, according to your needs.

In today’s conditions, academia and industry have been like successful but separated siblings that only come together once or twice a year to talk about what they achieved so far. Academia has more in-depth knowledge about the technologies and developments, whereas the industry has valuable information on market needs and preferences. If only these two bodies come together in a more structured way, it would spark more benefits for both sides. In Actuate, we try to bring together both parties in a way that they would focus on a common problem and work solemnly to solve that problem to create benefits to market and society, by making sure that every party is heard.

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When parties such as academia, industry, SMEs, entrepreneurs, government and non-government bodies find a common ground to solve a societal problem, the entire value chain is completed; and this is when the chain is strongest. Thus, as Actuate, we support the facilitation of clusters,  bringing together all players from different backgrounds to create a positive change in the society and people’s lives. We help you to find the most suitable players for the clusters, as well as developing a management strategy that is also sustainable.

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