About Us

Actuate is a group of professional service companies that aims to spark growth by innovation and productization. Being in a close relationship with SMEs, large enterprises, universities, NGOs and technology scale-ups since its foundation, the company focuses on establishing organic and sustainable support mechanisms within organizations for productization and commercialization processes.

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We stimulate growth by focusing on product and innovation

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As a principle, Actuate designs tailor-made support mechanisms for organizations according to their assessed needs, complimentary to their organizational strategy and ongoing comprehensive mechanisms. By experience, only then it is possible to get sustainable successful programmes for organizations of different sizes. In terms of scale-ups, SMEs and large enterprises, they already have a system that is functioning in one way or another. Additional process should only complement that system to polish it for the better. What we try to achieve in Actuate is to bring out the best parts of our clients’ products and services, by adding our experience, know-how and solutions to leverage their competitive advantages.

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We believe in growing as a community


Actuate has a great network of professionals who are a part of its support mechanisms. By  creating this community around our core business, we are able to spark a collective growth throughout the community while sustaining our company strategy of focusing what we are good at. Our network consists of prominent experts in international networking, digital marketing solutions, business law, entrepreneurship, finance and human resources. Additionally, we support this network with strategic partnerships from different players of the industry. By this mechanisms, we encourage establishing a strong community around innovation and productization.

Partnering to grow global start-ups


Enhancing the participation of SMEs and organizations in EU projects


Building and conducting growth programs for SMEs


Building and conducting growth programs for Scale-up companies


We build partnerships to inspire collective growth 

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Inspiring growth with our experience and potential.